Brushless Three Phase DC and Hallless Driver Board with Forward Inverter and X-CX0005A XI0020

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Brushless Three Phase DC and Hallless Driver Board with Forward Inverter and X-CX0005A XI0020
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Warranty: 3 months
Model Number: X-CX0005A XI0020
Electronic Equipment: DC Governor PWM Dimming
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Model Number: X-CX0005A XI0020
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DC6-24V 1000W BLDC
Motherboard specifications: Working voltage: 6-20V (limit 24V) Drive current: rated 30A plus air cooling 50A Maximum power: 1000W Overcurrent protection: Yes Locked-rotor protection: Yes (after locked-rotor, the current will automatically drop and run at intervals) Over-temperature protection: Yes (over-temperature power is halved) Maximum speed: 224000 RPM (2 pole motor), 74000 RPM (6 pole motor), 40000 RPM (12 pole motor), 35000 RPM (14 pole motor). Precautions: Reverse connection of the positive and negative poles of the power supply on the motherboard will cause permanent damage to some of the chips on the board (large current will not work for a few seconds) There is sampling over-current protection at the output of the motor during normal operation. Because the power and current of the module are very large, please do not artificially short-circuit the module when the module is not working normally. Once the short-circuit, the circuit may be burnt and the tube may burst, the first wiring test machine Please use small current and low voltage test, after ok, then apply high current and high voltage. Because it is a bare board module, please pay attention to the insulation of the wiring head. It is strictly forbidden that strong voltage touches the board parts. Do not connect the motor that is obviously inconsistent with the drive module voltage, current, or power, to avoid inexplicable damage
DC7-24V 200W BLDC
A strong reminder: The supporting voltage range of this electrical regulation is DC 7-24V, 24V is the limit voltage, the switching power supply can supply power, but cannot connect 24V battery, 24V battery full voltage is close to 29V! Wrong connection burns up at your own risk! ​Product parameters: Product Name: Single button (potentiometer) three-phase DC brushless Hallless drive Model: X30B (single button) X30A (potentiometer) Working voltage: 6.5-24V Drive current: rated 12A plus fan cold 20A Maximum speed: 224000 RPM (2-pole motor), 74000 RPM (6-pole motor), 40000 RPM (12-pole motor), 35000RPM (14-pole motor). Product size: length 45MM* width 26MM* height 12MM (without wire and protruding capacitor) Weight: X30A 29g X30B 27g about Features: ESC is specially designed for all kinds of industrial control electric tools such as air pump, water pump, oil pump and fan which use DC three-phase brushless motor. The default medium angle and long time high current work, Jianyi plus fan cold has overheat protection When the external heat dissipation condition of the ESC is poor, the temperature is automatically reduced when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, and the temperature drops to 100 degrees to return to normal. Precautions: 1. The power supply circuit on the main board has no fuse, and the built-in self-addition will cause the chip on the board to be permanently damaged (even if it is 1 second). 2. There is motor stall protection during normal operation. Since the module power and current are very large, please do not artificially short circuit when the module is not working normally. Once the short circuit has the possibility of burning the line, please use the first wiring test machine. Current low voltage test, after ok, then work with high current and high voltage Potentiometer section instructions: The standard speed control of the potentiometer does not require an external control signal. It increases clockwise and decreases counterclockwise. Also applicable to external PLC 0-5 analog quantity control Unplug the potentiometer cable, external 0-5 analog quantity control signal and ground line, respectively connected with the brushless driver board input signal end, as long as the two lines are OK


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